The soloist of IOWA has experienced an absolute lack of money

Солистка IOWA пережила абсолютное безденежье The soloist of the band admitted that they had at the beginning of his musical career and life in St. Petersburg had difficulties with funds. They couldn’t even come to the first meeting with producer Oleg Baranov, as they had nothing to pay for transport.

      Солистка IOWA пережила абсолютное безденежье

      The group IOWA for seven years pleases fans of his incendiary hits. “Smile”, “Bus”, “Mother”, “Simple song” are heard on the radio and on television. It would seem that girls from Mogilev} Ivanchikova now have all: fame, fans, a beloved man. However, she argues that this had a very long time to achieve it, overcoming emerging in the way of difficulties.

      After moving to Russia from Belarus, the group IOWA are faced with monetary problems. The team rented an apartment in St. Petersburg. The musicians love this city , but at first they had a hard time. Oleg Baranov, producer groups, met with the guys in 2010. However, according to him, the first meeting with the musicians did not take place.

      Katya ivanchikova said that musicians just don’t have money for the subway to come to him. “There were moments – I pay the rent and sit on ramen. But the tools are there, and songs in such situations somehow compose much faster than when you have everything in order with the money,” recalled the soloist of IOWA.

      Currently Katya and her team no problem. The girl tried a new role. She voiced the lyre sheep from the animated film “Wolves and sheep: a crazy transformation.” The band also recorded a song that will sound in this cartoon. Ivanchikova think it’s a good tale for children and adults about how important it is to be yourself.

      About moving to Moscow to conquer new heights, the group does not think. “It is very inspiring to Peter. We live near the airport out the window and see planes land and take off. And the sunset is very beautiful. As they say, for Peter out of love and for Moscow – calculation”, – said the soloist of IOWA in an interview with “Telenedelya”.

      By the way, in my personal life Ivanchenkova too, everything is going very well. For a long time she meets with Leonid Tereshchenko, who is the guitarist and songwriter of the popular group. The couple lives in a civil marriage. Despite the constantly emerging news about their wedding, young people had not planned a celebration.

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