Olga Romanovskaya admitted in the special passion

Ольга Романовская призналась в особой страсти The fascination with the new host of “Revizorro” I only know her friends. Olga Romanovskaya told that a child has a weakness to the popular Barbie dolls. However, its instances do not like at all.

      Ольга Романовская призналась в особой страсти

      Ex-member of the trio “VIA Gra” Olga Romanovskaya is a native from Odessa. The singer, who recently became the leading, leading the program “Revizorro”, held in this seaside town of their childhood. It was there that she formed the first habits and preferences. As a little girl from a family with a low income, Olga went to the toy store to just look at their favorite Barbie dolls.

      Over the years, the fascination with stars is not only not passed, but and has acquired an unusual shape. About hobby Romanov only know her friends. They also occasionally join the unique collection of the artist.

      “What child would not teshilos… My friends know that the collector’s Barbie is the only thing that I collect. As a child, went to a small, but very cool at the time store #barbie in the center of Odessa, just to look at beautiful dolls, because can not afford to buy me one of those beauties from mom simply was not possible. I’m still indifferent to them,” – says Olga in his microblog.

      Apparently, the sons Maxim and Oleg do not share my mother’s Hobbies. They would be more liked if Olga has collected cars or, say, airplanes. However, Romanovskaya has not lost hope that someday she has to be born and a daughter. Here she is a star and will transmit its unique exhibits, many of which, by the way, dressed in these designer dresses.

      “I fit would have to open the puppet shop, but I hope once to transfer his collection to the daughter, God willing, she will have me. But it’s my “brand new”! – boasts a star doll by posting a photo of her in Instagram. – And nothing that I don’t have a dress #oskardelarenta, but it have two of my dolls. Lucky… “

      Recall, despite the demand in Russia, the Romanov lives in Ukrainian Odessa. Some time ago she and her husband Andrew bought a house on the beach.

      Leading “Revizorro” Olga Romanov, settled in a luxurious house by the sea. PHOTO

      The cottage has five rooms, hall, swimming pool, garden, steam room, and recently appeared and games for boys. “Room with a Billiards table, my husband turned into a space for the older son, he’s almost 14, –shares with “StarHit” Olga. – When the boys were younger, it was all littered with toys. Now they are few, but there are two PlayStation. Sometimes we play here in the evenings, Monopoly, dominoes, cards or battleship. Gadgets to solve puzzles. And sportaholic here. Normal room in the house yet, but the cardio machines and various equipment scattered everywhere.”

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