The soloist of IOWA denied the news about the wedding

Солистка IOWA опровергла новость о свадьбе Katya ivanchikova said that she and boyfriend Leonid Tereshchenko only plan the wedding. The pair have been together for seven years, so many of their friends already consider beloved family. According to the singer, Leon was very interested in her when they first met, and she instantly fell in love with a young man.

      Солистка IOWA опровергла новость о свадьбе

      In March, all friends of the soloist of IOWA} Ivanchikova in one voice told that the girl was married. In the microblog star, the most attentive fans even found pictures girl in a veil, however, this image of the singer was only a stage outfit. The artist meets with Leonid Tereshchenko, who is the guitarist and songwriter of the popular group. However, in one interview the singer of the hit “Taxi” admitted that no marriage has yet to take place.

      “There was no wedding yet. We have been together and, of course, think about the event. What will it be: a solemn and crowded – for all the family or a quiet holiday for the two of us? Chic outfits – or jeans and sneakers?”, – Katya has told to journalists.

      According to the singer, she fell in love with Lenya literally at first sight. Only saw the musician, she realized that she would be his girlfriend. However, as a member of the new group, she initially did not like.

      “Leon, for example, generally did not come to the first rehearsal! I pleaded with him by phone, sent him countless text messages. In the end, he couldn’t withstand my pressure and came. We can say, “played” the first time”, – says the star.

      The lovers are happy together for seven years. Their friends call them beautiful and successful couple. However, long time fans of Kathy’s not even implied that she’s Dating a bandmate. The star does not advertise the novel. The singer first spoke in interviews about how they began a romantic relationship.

      “I never told anyone about it. We started working together, and then just began together. I’m incredibly lucky, Leon is a fine man. He has no weaknesses. I like his thinking. Music unites us, music is our life. I do not see how coexist representatives of different professions”, – said the soloist of IOWA.

      Not so long ago a couple traveled to Paris, where rested from the tour and shoots the video. According to Katie these trips are very necessary for recuperation, but the most important thing is to live and get high. Despite the fact that the lovers spend with each other all the time, they do not get tired from each other.

      “There is a belief that love lasts three years. Perhaps the way it is. But if, in addition to love, people associate with something else like interest, friendship, respect, three years is not the limit!”, – Katya has told in interview to the edition “7 Days”.

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