Star of TV series “Helen and the boys” is filmed in the suburbs

Звезда сериала «Элен и ребята» снимается в Подмосковье The role of Etienne working on a Russian project. Famous French actor David Proulx fascinated by the beauty of the local scenery. Soon the star of the series “Helen and the boys” can be seen on the screens of the country.

      Звезда сериала «Элен и ребята» снимается в Подмосковье

      Many will remember the cult French TV series “Helen and the boys”. Among his characters in particular stand out performer of the role of étienne David Proulx. His character was so a follow-up activity, well-mannered and romantic, that girl was love at first sight. Since the teen sitcom took a long time. And actor David Proulx was as bright and charming.

      Recently, the French star was invited to appear in Russia. The offer was very tempting – it was about shooting video for the company Urban Group in the spirit of the famous “Roman holiday”. David decided not to miss a chance to be in the suburbs and enjoy the beauty located on the Bank of the Klyazma river ZHK “the City of embankments”, where the shooting took place.

      The location was chosen by chance, because this LCD, the company Urban Group is built in the style of a cosy European town with a network of artificial channels and beautiful promenades. As you know, in the original version of “Roman holiday” starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. In the promotional video these images are examples of French comedienne, Rafael Lenoble and star of TV series “Helen and the boys,” David Proulx.

      For both actors, this work became the debut in Russia. David Proulx, now a successful male model and model, after the sitcom “Ellen and the boys” seriously interested travel photography. On account of his several personal exhibitions. It became known that after filming in the “City of embankments” he stayed in Russia, to fill up your album with new images.

      Звезда сериала «Элен и ребята» снимается в Подмосковье

      Rafael Lenoble familiar to viewers of the French film “there once was… Johann Sebastian Bach,” in which she played an actress and socialite Lena Lena. By the way, Audrey Hepburn, a longtime idol Rafael, her images abound in sections of the French actress in social networks.

      “The great Director Alfred Hitchcock once said: “Film is life, which brought a spot of boredom,” says Yana Maksimova, PR-Director of Urban Group. – We believe different: to live in beauty, do not have to be in the movie. And this life is more affordable than you can imagine. After all, “the City of embankments”, the place where the plot of the remake, is not a closed elite settlement, as a place where ordinary people live”.

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