Солист группы «Отпетые мошенники» впал в кому после ДТП

Andrew Repnikov has undergone several operations and still has not regained consciousness.

Doctors fight for life of Andrei June 23, when he was taken by ambulance to a hospital in the city of Gatchina, near St. Petersburg. However, information in the media about misfortune just got today: relatives and friends of the musician ran out of money for further treatment.

It is known that 45-year-old musician was the victim of the accident: he returned from the country by car and lost control. Near Gatchina his car flew into a ditch and rolled over several times. The result – multiple fractures and a severe brain injury.

At the hospital Andrew Repnikov, better known to fans by his stage name Turnip, was brought in a comatose state. The doctors here also did some urgent operations to restore the facial bones, jaw and ribs, but the status of the artist then has not changed. Repnikov is still connected to a respirator for two weeks never came around.

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“We are waiting for the permission of the resuscitation and the ability to transport Andrew to St. Petersburg, in the famous scientific research Institute of neurosurgery them. Polenov reported on the page in Facebook Repnikova one of his friends. In addition to fractures Andrew serious and the main problem: head injury, severe brain injury, damaged bark. The necessary funds for the next phase of treatment, coma, surgery and further rehabilitation.”

Fund-raising for the treatment of announced today Andrew and his family – wife Love and daughter Daria.

“Help daddy together! – posted by Dasha on his page “Vkontakte” and added: “We believe in the best!”

“Every day I go to America in the hospital, try to be aware of the changes. Unfortunately, he’s in a coma, condition serious but stable. We, our family, our friends, who knows, pray daily for the last few days. I believe that this will help,” said her mother, the wife of musician Love Repnikova.

Unfortunately, the family of the entertainer do not have enough cash to further treatment Repnikova. The wife of the musician announced the Bank details on which you can transfer the money for his treatment:

Map recipient — 5100690028742977.

The account of the recipient is 40817810703001219718 Repnikova Lubov – JSC “Raiffeisenbank”, branch “Severnaya Stolitsa”.

Correspondent account in rubles — 30101810100000000723 in the Northwest state Bank of Russia.

The BIK 044030723

INN 7744000302

CAT — 784143001.

Yandex-Money: 410013001452098.

E-mail to communicate with the family of the artist: [email protected].

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