Ксения Бородина подружилась с экс-подругой Курбана Омарова

Gossip regarding the divorce Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov are discussed with particular force during the last month. The couple stopped at the display to put the pictures together, demonstrating their idyll, but because of the environment of the pair and their fans in mind formed a logical assumption that a divorce is coming.

Rumor has it that Eid, which is on top of that business partner Borodina, assumed her child – Borodina Shop. Fuel to the fire recently poured itself Ksenia, met and made friends with a former lover of her husband Alena Storm.

Visit Storm in Instagramна recently appeared proof.

“Respond immediately to a million stupid questions and statements: SHE LEFT ME. Checkmate!“, — posted by Allen in the comments to the photo with Borodina, thereby intrigued watching this story subscribers. And they succeeded, if to conclude the following comments: “Husband left Borodina… just who is tortured by questions if Eid to her. No,Eid is gone from them. here are gathered here in his former gatherings”, “What kind of nonsense, Xenia,you do not respect yourself”, “What nonsense. Stupidity in General is close with ex-girlfriends of their husbands”, “It’s life, all natural”, “Why?” “What nonsense!!! Is that a PR move? Or two ex-United”, wrote the subscribers.


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