Сестра покойной подруги Джигурды публично назвала его «фуфелом» The woman believes that the artist illegally claim to multi-million dollar inheritance. A relative of the departed businesswoman Ludmila Bratash first stated that justice must take her side, leaving Nikita Dzhigurda with nothing.

      Сестра покойной подруги Джигурды публично назвала его «фуфелом»

      The second day the whole country is closely following the progress of investigative journalism tangled and tragic history of the death of a famous Russian businesswoman Ludmila Bratash. In the Studio of “live” appeared Nikita Dzhigurda, provided the will from 2010, according to which mnogomillionnoi heritage women should go to his family.

      It became known as Nikita Dzhigurda got multi-million dollar inheritance

      However, the artist is not the only contender for untold wealth and property in different countries. Sister Ludmila Svetlana Romanova considers illegal his will. In a telephone conversation with the editors of the show she first publicly spoke about Nikita Dzhigurda.

      “Listen to me! I do not find him in any relationship. Our history, it is demonic, it is serious. My grief, my sister died. He’s a rascal. The topic is very complex, it is painful. You know, you read. It fufel. She did not trust him. Lyudka was sick. It was a problem in our family. He invaded and so used it. And let this justice will prove, and prove it, because facts are,” said Svetlana Romanova.
      Сестра покойной подруги Джигурды публично назвала его «фуфелом»

      Recall that a family Dzhigurda and Anisina is connected by old friendship with a woman who has virtually no real friends. The flamboyant actor and singer explained why Lyudmila Bratash bestowed his wealth is not her sister, and him and his wife.

      “Lucy had an abortion from a loved one. Twins – a boy and a girl. Then she could not have children. It was her pain, the tragedy. When we met, she told me of the pain. We took her to the witch, who said: “You need to become godmother. You son born to your friends signal. Your twins. First boy come, and then the girl.” And when Angele was born, there was no questions of who will be the godmother. And next year Eva was born, fair-haired, like Lucy more than Anisina,” admitted the chair.

      Nikita Dzhigurda: “Now I’m going to call the spirits on Greek Villa for millionaires”

      The chair believes that the culprits of the death of a woman are her sister and the driver. In his opinion, Svetlana Romanova and Dmitri Kuronov intentionally contributed to the fact that Lyudmila Bratash was developing harmful health habits, providing prohibited drugs. In addition, the actor says that he has evidence of a violent death a businesswoman.