Филипп Киркоров представил эксклюзивный аромат Everyone could enjoy the perfume, created to the king of pop. Philip organized a meeting with fans. Fans could not only appreciate the perfume, but to take the autograph from the artist.

      Филипп Киркоров представил эксклюзивный аромат

      Philip surprised his fans with not only energetic and heartfelt songs, as well as outstanding performances, but also in other facets of his talent. In support of the musical show “I”, which is a resounding success is in many cities of Russia and abroad, the artists released their own perfume. Recently Kirkorov introduced the aroma “I” to the General public in Moscow.

      “Launched into the most beautiful project!” – I wrote the book in his mircoblog in connection with the presentation.

      The presentation, which was held in Gum, can visit anyone. Fans were surprised by the openness of a popular artist, who expressed a desire to communicate with their fans personally and even giving out autographs. Needless to say how the enthusiasm came admirers of the celebrity. They were infinitely glad to meet your favorite singer and appreciated the new flavor, which was released Kirkorov.

      Филипп Киркоров представил эксклюзивный аромат“I tried to save every drop of scent of magic, the magic, the atmosphere which surrounded me during the work on the new show, allowed him to become so thrilling and enchanting. With each performance I give the audience a part of themselves, so it will be in the perfume compositions — each will receive a piece of Philip Kirkorov, which will become part of your “I”, – said the singer.

      According to the author of perfume novelties women’s fragrance “I” helped him to create itself Alla Pugacheva. He turned with one hand extravagant, but restrained aristocratic.

      Men’s fragrance “I” Philip had personally designed. And he reflects the mood of the singer is daring and exquisite.

      With all who could not personally attend the presentation, the musician shared a few photos in the microblog. Followers from other cities and countries was extremely happy that the king of pop never forgets about the fans around the world and showing them the events of his life. Those who have already purchased the perfume, could not remain indifferent and expressed his opinion about the perfume of Philip Bedrosovich.

      “How all of you are lucky! I wish you all good luck! Spirits are very delicious!”, “You are such a bright man. Even your photos and comments uplifting, and behind the wings. Thank you for your songs, for your work!” – could not restrain his admiration of the many members of the social network of king of Russian pop scene.

      The premiere of a great show “I” was held in mid-March. To see the enchanting performance of the king of pop gathered all the capital’s Beau Monde. Philip together with the famous Director Franco Dragone were able to surprise demanding public an incredible show of world level. Children of Philip Kirkorov made a splash at the premiere of his show