СМИ обсуждают скандальное заявление Роберта Паттинсона Hollywood actor allegedly ambiguously spoke about your holidays. As reported by one of the publications he openly declared that spent a vacation in the company of male model. However, some have questioned the veracity of the information.

      СМИ обсуждают скандальное заявление Роберта Паттинсона

      World famous Robert Pattinson got the role in the Saga “Twilight”. The young actor played a charismatic vampire. In a display of hero Pattinson was in love with girls from all over the world. Over time, Robert won the title of one of the sexiest men of our time.

      However, recently appeared in the press a shocking statement supposedly made by the star of the “Twilight” Saga. The Indian newspaper quotes a phrase, which Pattinson admits that he spent a wonderful holidays in the company of 31-year-old male model. Robert allegedly long hesitated to speak openly about their feelings, but decided not to conceal from the public their preferences.

      “I was confused by his emotions and didn’t want to lose the female part of their fans”, – quotes the words of Robert Indian portal.

      However, other foreign tabloids questioned the authenticity of these words. They began to assure that informed the portal that supposedly allow direct speech Robert has already been discredited publications of false information. Now fans breathlessly waiting for further statements from the favorite of millions.

      30-year-old Hollywood actor was not yet married. For a long time to the delight of many fans of “Twilight” he had a relationship with Kristin Stewart. For four years they have experienced each other tender feelings. After Robert found out about the infidelity of his lady, their romance came to an end. Some time later, the Hollywood hunk fell in love with the extravagant girl Talia Barnett.

      First about the engagement Pattinson with the singer announced the musician T-Pain. In one interview he said that the girl can’t help it record a new album, because engaged with Pattinson. “However, I don’t know if she wanted someone to know about this,” added the actor. Later, he justified, and said that it was an April fool’s joke. However, rumors about the impending wedding constantly appeared in the press. The lovers are themselves treated it with irony and wonder why their personal life is causing such a stir among the public.

      However, in the past year, Robert Pattinson introduced his girlfriend to the parents and only with their approval and support, he decided to take the next step – a proposal of marriage to his beloved. At the end of March last year, the star of “Twilight” and his girlfriend got engaged. So far, however, the lovers did not report anything about the wedding.