Екатерина Климова впервые показала младшую дочь The actress stopped to hide the baby from the public. Ekaterina Klimova has published a touching photo. The actress became a mother for the fourth time almost a year ago. The girl is pleased with their star parents first successes.

      Popular actress Ekaterina Klimova and has four children – the eldest daughter Lisa, two sons Matthew and Corneille, as well as a little bell, which came to light 11 months ago married to Gela Meskhi. Despite the fact that the actress does not hide from the public their adult children and happy to share shared pictures and stories about them with fans, the little girl she tried to protect from prying eyes. Only today loyal fans Klimova saw the face of Bella. Catherine went for a walk around the Church and decided to take a picture with the small child on hands.

      With the sharp cold to go outside I want with less enthusiasm, and the kids need to walk!” – posted by Catherine in the microblog touching the frame.

      Fans were incredibly happy about the fact that they are a little unable to consider the baby. But Catherine prudently closed his eyes girl smiley sunglasses, and the photo was made from a decent distance from my mom with my daughter. However, subscribers could not hide the joy of such a cute frame.

      “What modnenky Bellochka. Let it grow clever and healthy, pretty like mommy and sister”, “What are you pretty. Grow healthy and happy,” “How beautiful you are. All you good health, happiness, success in everything,” wrote warm words to the actress and her daughter.

      Not so long ago, Catherine told his followers that bell uttered the first word. Like many toddlers, she said, “Mama.” This moment will forever remain in the memory of parents who loved in a younger daughter.

      Spouse Klimova Gela Meskhi from the first day recognized in her daughter’s incredible beauty. “Some unusual awe and tenderness to the creature. Remember, in the hospital, Kate said, “Look, what a beauty. Daughter is really pretty, angel. Although all parents probably think their child is the most beautiful. Now I realized that happiness is in our children. It’s a miracle that I am in love” – shared the artist her emotions in an interview to one of editions.