The singer was attacked by a Christmas Tree in the center of Moscow

На певицу Елку напали в центре Москвы

About the incident became known thanks to a leaked video of the unknown in the mask makes an attack on popular singer for the purpose of robbery.

It turned out that the burglar was a longtime friend and fellow music video Director and musician Garik Burnyshev. Reliable sources report that the subject of the theft became a popular hit Tree – “Provence”, and the provocative plot is nothing but a teaser to a new song Burito “Megahit” .

In his new work, the musicians openly used the motif, the Tree which brought unprecedented fame. The team soloist Garik Burnyshev believes that this move allows us to show an ironic attitude Burito in universally accepted formats, but also to Express respect toward a close friend. “This music, which will allow you to smile, forced to dance, and, thinking the listener will again give an occasion for reflection, the meaning of which is laid between the period,” said Garik.

Recall that the last joint operation Burito and Christmas Trees “You know” blew up all music charts of the country, and the video has gathered over 20 million views on YouTube. See if the response to the “Megahit” as successful.

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