The daughter of the Marat Basharova first fell in love

Дочь Марата Башарова впервые влюбилась The actor said that his successor had already begun to be interested in boys. 11-year-old Amelie spends a lot of time with a boyfriend named Andrew. Basharov does not preclude the choice of his daughter.

      Дочь Марата Башарова впервые влюбилась

      TV presenter and actor Marat Basharov told reporters that his daughter already has its first fan. Amelie is the daughter from the marriage of the star with the Elizabeth Crocco – live week then father, then mother. Marat Basharov heat tries to communicate with her daughter and be aware of all the changes in her life.

      Marat recently noticed that 11-year-old girl has appeared in cavalier Andrew. “She, like any girl at any age, thrilled with the attention. Especially from the movies, which recently in the snow pelted her braids and yanked. Although this is also the signs of attention, of course. In a Bicycle wheel she sticks inserted, and it fell nose in the asphalt. And now, he gallant gentleman. And her heart, I see a little jolted,” shared the actor.

      More recently it became known that the family of Marat Basharova expected completion. His young fiancee Elizabeth Shevarkov pregnant. The actor himself is very happy, he repeatedly noted that with the advent of his life Lisa, everything changed for the better. “I will son, God will provide. Fingers crossed. So it’s all good,” said Basharov journalists. Daughter Basharova Amelie also looking forward to the birth of a baby brother. “She’s already fantasizing how great it would be: she, the adult, and next – brothers, one of whom is just a baby,” said the actor.

      The couple maintains a joint household, receiving guests and enjoying family life. Oddly enough, the new girlfriend of actor and gets along well with her mother amélie, ex-wife Basharova Elisabeth of Crocko. In the winter they went to rest in Switzerland, and before that in Turkey. Crocko supports any decisions the ex-spouse and still remains for him a true friend.

      “I always appreciate what you have. And daughter are brought up. That was not taken off. Because then it’s hard to make up for what you lose in youth, lightly”, – shared his vision of life with the magazine Hello! Marat Basharov.

      Recall that with the current sweetheart Elizabeth Marat met in the social network. The girl herself wrote him on Facebook and said that he dreams of a date with him. In response to a message an actor called blonde on the show, where they were able to communicate. Gradually they started an affair, and now the couple lives together and is expecting a child.

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