Певице Лое наложили семь швов в результате несчастного случая The artist received severe cuts of the hands. Now Loy is forced to adhere to all instructions of doctors in order to as soon as possible to get in shape. The singer was forced to cancel some performances due to poor health.

      Певице Лое наложили семь швов в результате несчастного случая

      Famous singer Loy in an accident received several serious injuries. Artist twisted my leg, fell and suffered serious cuts hand on broken glass. Friends of the singer, who was nearby, immediately called an ambulance. While waiting for doctors Loja lost a lot of blood, as the wounded were not only the vessels but also veins. Paramedics arrived half an hour after the call and immediately drove the singer to the hospital where she had seven stitches on his hand. Now the health of the artist is out of danger, and soon she even plans to get rid of scars on the body.

      “It’s a shame to tears, that’s how, out of the blue I got seriously hurt and hit. As well, in that moment I was not alone, but with friends, who immediately called an ambulance. Because of the large loss of blood, I several times lost consciousness, but soon came to himself, as they say, even tried to joke. I have never had such a nightmare in my life, honestly. After removing the stitches that will happen on the ninth of June, I will turn to plastic surgeons to have done the scar minimally visible. Can’t imagine my life without dresses spaghetti strap. Well, the wound on the back of the hands,” – said the “StarHit” singer.

      Despite the injury, the singer has decided not to cancel the concerts, and to do painkillers. However, after a day she felt worse – began to experience breathing difficulties, and was compelled again to go to the hospital to see the specialists. X-rays showed a badly bruised right lung, and the singer was advised to cancel upcoming gigs and give up from singing to full recovery.

      At the moment, Loy feels good. However, because of the trauma she will have some time to give up active work. Now she is doing everything as quick as possible to return to normal activities, and most importantly, to performances in front of loyal fans. Despite a serious trauma, Loja in the near future will go to Tver, where you will be able to please fans with his performance. She follows all the instructions of the doctor, doing breathing exercises and will soon give a concert.

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