Nargiz Zakirova: scandals, magic and men in the life of the singer

Наргиз Закирова: скандалы, магия и мужчины в жизни певицы Recently finalist of the show “the Voice” surprised all the fans by making the decision to divorce her third husband Philip, Balzano after 20 years of marriage. In recognition of the actress, her husband extorted money from her and blackmailed the family of the singer. “StarHit” I remembered what challenges faced Nargis for his entire career, and why she never gave up.

      Наргиз Закирова: скандалы, магия и мужчины в жизни певицы

      45-year-old singer Nargiz Zakirova — the owner of a powerful voice and a bright, memorable appearance. Now she’s successful and wealthy, but it was not always so. The singer was a thorny path to glory is full of difficulties. “You’re such a freestyle, free, seen all”, — said Dima Bilan who first saw Nargis after the blind audition during the show “the Voice.”

      Zakirova was born in 1970 in Tashkent in a family of artists. The grandfather of the actress — known in Soviet times, the baritone Karim Zakirov, grandma the clown and the artist, Shaista Saidov, a soloist of the Uzbek theater of Opera and ballet, uncle — the famous Farrukh Zakirov, the leader of the popular group “Yalla”, the mother of singer — pop singer and her father a drummer in a musical group. In short, a real musical and artistic dynasty.

      Наргиз Закирова: скандалы, магия и мужчины в жизни певицы


      The first time Nargis was married to Ruslan Sharipov, a musician and member of the Uzbek groups “Byte”. The singer was 18 years old. Nargis recalls fondly about his first wife, despite the fact that they are no longer together. They broke up because of infidelity Ruslan. However, the rupture of relations was not controversial: to quarrel with his other half, to beat the dishes and sue — not in the nature of the artist.

      “In my soul, something snapped. We began to work separately. Toured with concerts, not Vidyas for a few months, and when we met, it didn’t feel that close to you near and dear people. Then I decided that not worth more than this marriage to exist, and we drifted apart” as he recalls, Nargiz his first marriage.

      From this marriage there Nargis left a daughter, who was named Sabine. And in 1995 Zakirovich family moved to America, and this decision was not easy, because Nargis was pregnant by her second husband September Kanybekova. The singer was madly in love with. They met on the audition show “Voice of Asia”.

      Grandson Nargiz Zakirova shocked her first words

      In that moment, when Zakirova decided to emigrate to the U.S., Nargiz was quite famous in his homeland the singer: it was called “Uzbek Madonna”, and periodically criticized for causing sexual outfits. The singer says that she wanted to shock the audience, to challenge it. In America everything had to start from scratch. It was necessary to provide for themselves and family, so Zakirova had a lot of work. She worked from 9 am to 9 PM on the lowest paid positions in restaurants, stores, pizza joints, tattoo parlors.

      “America from the covers of glossy magazines is one thing, but the inside is quite another. Giving birth to a son, I suddenly want to go to work: in search of a place went from one door to another. Did not bother me no job. I wanted to live, to enjoy what is happening,” says Nargis about his first years in the United States.
      Наргиз Закирова: скандалы, магия и мужчины в жизни певицы

      After some time, Nargiz, who worked from morning to evening, began the first experience in the music industry. It began to invite to act in restaurants. First, in not very expensive, but then — in a luxury and “cool”, as he recalled the actress. Slowly life began to improve.

      However, in 1997, in life Zakirova tragedy: the meeting was tragically killed in a car accident. Little Aewly was only 2.5 years. After the death of Nargis from September began a prolonged depression. To cope with the difficult emotional state of the woman helped the singer Philippe Balzano, with whom she was acquainted friends. The artists had a lot in common. Hobbies apart from music, they both emigrated to the U.S. in search of a better life. Balzano, moved to the States from the island of Sicily.

      Наргиз Закирова: скандалы, магия и мужчины в жизни певицы

      Nargis slowly began to recover after a terrible tragedy. Philip tried to keep a bright and talented woman, how could. He not only spent hours talking to her on the souls, but also worked with Zakirova music. They began an affair and soon they were married.

      “Phil not only my husband – he is my friend, support, brother, lover. And Phil was my teacher. Thanks to him I passed a unique school of rock vocals” — said Nargiz about the third wife.
      Наргиз Закирова: скандалы, магия и мужчины в жизни певицы

      However, the trials that befell Nargis killed her connection to the music. She has created various groups that tried to get in contact with Russian producers, because she wanted to come to live in Russia. But representatives of show business Nargiz was given to understand that without money to start a singing career impossible. However, Zakirova — not one of those people who throws everything halfway. She wanted to seriously pursue singing, and does not leave attempts to achieve their dreams.

      participation in competitions

      In 2013, Nargis passed through several stages of selection for the American X-Factor show. But before the final audition, it was decided to abandon their attempts to break into American TV and he offered it to the Russian program “the Voice”. Later Zakirov admitted that left the United States, tired of waiting for a call from foreign producers. They promised to remind her about yourself, but never recalled.

      This step was crucial in the life of the artist. She not only became part of the project participants, but also fascinated by its incredible energy and vocal abilities of the jury of the transmission. My mentor, she chose Leonid Agutin. Under his leadership, Zakirova reached the end of the program, taking second place in the finals. Many are rooting for the charismatic singer, and was upset when she was not the first. But the Nargis reacted calmly to “silver”. “I won, I won,” — Zakirov spoke about the results of the latest series of “the Voice”.

      Наргиз Закирова: скандалы, магия и мужчины в жизни певицы

      LIFE AFTER “the Voice”

      After participating in the popular program Zakirova became a successful performer in Russia. The audience really loved her for their unusual appearance, strong character and an amazing voice. Nargiz has become a challenge for existing in the show business the standard appearance of the singer.

      Singer Nargiz Zakirova starred in a candid photoshoot

      In 2014, she was fired from her command of an old friend and well-known among the stars stylist Alisher, who until this moment has not only come up with images for the stars, but sometimes sang a duet with her. The reason of parting with a friend was a new collaboration of the singer with producer max Fadeev. One of his conditions was the performance on stage Nargis is one without a second vocalist. His decision Nargis gave Alisher via SMS-messages.

      Old friend Nargiz offended by it: according to him, Zakirova could tell him all about it and personally, because they were in very good relations. He also said that the woman never thanked Alla Pugacheva for the fact that the Diva gave her permission to sing their songs. By the way, introduced the star of “the Voice” with the people’s artist it Alisher. Man and to this day friends with a legend of the Russian stage, picking up for her concert costumes.

      “Nargiz 8 months sings a song Pugacheva. Ask her, she somehow thanked Alla Borisovna? At least a bouquet of flowers… Pugacheva-all the same. How much of her life was such singers and singers. For me Nargiz no longer exists,” — said in an interview offended the stylist.
      Наргиз Закирова: скандалы, магия и мужчины в жизни певицы

      At the end of 2015 in the life of Nargis was a significant event. The daughter of singer Sabina gave her charming grandson, who was named the biblical name Noah. The baby was born in America. The artist could not see him in person for several months because of the tight tour schedule. By the way, Nargis refused to baptize the child, motivat it with my pagan beliefs.

      Despite the fact that Zakirova became a grandmother, she continued to shock the public. Besides the fact that she posed Nude, once the actress appeared in public in a sexy dress, which she wore without underwear. In this way Nargis appeared in the wedding singer Yulia Savicheva. Someone from fans Zakirova her look seemed inappropriate for such celebrations, but there were also those who came from him in complete delight. Through the transparent fabric of her dress you could see almost all the tattoo women. At the party Zakirova had fun in plenty. She energetically danced with Leroy Kudryavtseva, the song Glyuk’oza “Dance, Russia!!!”. And the words “And I have the most beautiful … oops, Lera vigorously clapped Nargis on the fifth point.

      Nargiz Zakirova starred in the “naked” dress at the wedding Savicheva

      “I was held as a mother, I have three children. I was held as a wife. And now I can say I’m done… as an artist”, — said the singer after the finale of the show “the Voice.”
      Наргиз Закирова: скандалы, магия и мужчины в жизни певицы

      We will remind also that recently Nargis struck all their fans with unexpected news. After 20 years of marriage on filed for divorce from her third husband Philip, Balzano. The couple has a child together — 16-year-old Leila. In recognition of Nargis, Philip turned her life into hell. He constantly demanded a woman’s money, and continues to do so. The man says he will give Zakirova divorce if she will pay his debts. In total, Balzano needs to be an amount equal to 118 thousand dollars. It is known that Nargis spouse does not work for two years. According to Philip, Zakirov asked him about it. “Her love crashed on the money that she won’t let me now. Anyone in new York can prove that I was the best husband in the city, such a loyal man is hard to find”, — quotes the words of Balzano in the press.

      “I made the decision to divorce through the courts, because peaceful options Phil isn’t satisfied. All last year all my royalties went to pay his numerous debts. My ex-husband went on to blackmail and threats. It requires me about 40 thousand dollars for the divorce. I am very grateful to the lawyers Maxim Fadeev, who help me with the process of divorce,” – said Nargiz “StarHit”.

      Husband Nargiz Zakirova: “I will always love you”

      In an interview with Nargiz told me that Layla will live with his father. According to Zakirova, the girl is worried for her father and worries that he may commit some serious mistake. All the reasons for this she is, after all, Philip, said Nargis, threatened his family, blackmailed, extorted money. The Italian musician also threatened to shoot them all from a gun, if something goes wrong, as he would have liked. During one of the last quarrels with the singer, he began to rush to 20-year-old Auel, Zakirova son from a previous marriage. As Nargis says, Balzano initially disliked the young man. Once the man grabbed the Auel throat and tried to strangle him.

      Daughter Nargiz Zakirova remains to live with his father

      In light of recent events, the press wonders what else, besides the financial differences, could cause the collapse of such a strong Union. For example, “Express newspaper” believes that the singer just has another man. According to this publication, the artist is a romance with 34-year-old technician from her group. However, representatives of Nargis this version do not confirm.

      Наргиз Закирова: скандалы, магия и мужчины в жизни певицы

      Magic in the life of Nargis

      Interestingly, Nargiz Zakirova is interested in astrology, spirituality, the occult and other supernatural things. “I am the magic, mystery and magic,” Nargis says at times, keeping in mind that her life is closely intertwined with the different incredible things. It is interesting to participate in “the Voice”, the artist decided spontaneously. She accidentally saw an advertisement of this project and thought, why not try your hand? As a result, Zakirova everything turned out. And she sincerely believes his triumph at the program something more than just a result of hard work. Once the artist even called herself a witch.

      Being interested in magic, she visited 15 season of the show “Battle of psychics”. During the filming of the program Zakirov met and became friends with psychic Tatiana Larina and clairvoyant and a witch Natalia Banteay. In recognition of Nargis, it did constantly surrounded by interesting people who have unusual abilities. Perhaps they are attracted to the aura of the artist. It is no secret that many people who have tattoos say that they affect their destiny. Nargiz Zakirova have many tattoos with a deep, mystical meaning. Probably, they attract custom to the artist personalities.

      By the way, all the drawings on the body Nargiz not just any. The actress said that every one she did in memory of the event, which has changed her life. So, Zakirova always dreamed of working with Fadeev. Once she tried to contact representatives of the famous producer. After a few years the singer has finally managed to achieve the desired. This is mysticism, not otherwise. So two years ago, the woman had stuffed themselves in the back of the embryo in the womb, resembling the globe. Around the unborn baby – strong security in the form of a black circle and a sharp peak. In the picture you can also see the initial “MF”, which hides under the name of Nargis producer Maxim Fadeev. According to Zakirova, he has incredible natural talent given to him from above.

      Nargiz Zakirova made tattoo in his back

      Наргиз Закирова: скандалы, магия и мужчины в жизни певицы“With mysticism and magic associated with early childhood. Many perceive it cautiously, but in fact the word “witch” comes from “a leading woman”. I guess I was born like this. And, perhaps, since the age when I can remember to this day, with me and then there were some incredible things. Life brings me with people who are also directly linked to some kind of mysticism, and with some incredible abilities”, — confessed Nargis about magic.

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