Ирина Дубцова показала роскошные формы в купальнике The singer is resting in the Maldives. Irina Dubtsova showed slender body on the shore of the Indian ocean. Star enjoys the peace and serenity in the company of his son.

      Ирина Дубцова показала роскошные формы в купальнике

      Irina Dubtsova paused in the work. Famous singer in the company of the son Artem went to the shores of the Indian ocean. Holiday star chose a wonderful place in Maldives. She decided not to experiment and went in a checked the hotel where resting is not the first time. The choice fell on the singer’s luxurious five-star complex, which includes loads of fun for the whole family.

      Once on the beach, Irina did not miss the opportunity to take a photo in a bathing suit. The who Dubtsova has published on his page on “Instagrame”, filled with soft, pastel colors. However, the main decoration on it is the star that reveals the gorgeous shape.

      “Gorgeous figure, Irina”, “Just beautiful. Figure – super”, “Who invented the stereotype of 90-60-90? I think that this should be female rather chubby and not thin, with shapes and femininity. You like Madonna paintings from the 19th century, beautiful and feminine”, “you lost weight”, “Irina, Your efforts were not in vain! You look awesome,” commented a photo of the singer’s followers.

      It is worth noting that a year and a half ago, Irina looked very different. Her appetizing forms were visible to the naked eye. Hair color Dubtsova was also not so bright. It was then that the famous brown-haired woman, looking at herself in the mirror, decided to start the fight against obesity. Later visit Irina in Instagram began to appear photos from the training, which was obvious that she wears them without physical narkoznami.

      Recall Dubtsova has not been able to choose what sport to engage in to achieve the goal – to lose weight. In the end, she opted on the box.

      “I am delighted! I was incredibly important to find the sport-fun-time savings. Otherwise, no options! Yes, and last time I often thought it would be nice to go to the fights. I don’t know why. Or know! I’m a year and a half ago refused any alcohol, do not smoke for four months, do not eat meat, fly a lot and have no way of relieving stress. Remains the sport on which you simply have no time. And then the sports, and the release of unnecessary. Buzz!” – shared the star with the fans.

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