Инна Маликова объяснила, почему развелась с мужем The actress broke up with her husband Vladimir five years ago. According to ina, the main reason for the break was that she and her husband are very different people, complete opposites. Star recalls that they also had to decide with whom will live a son, Dmitri, who at that time was 12 years old.

      Инна Маликова объяснила, почему развелась с мужем

      Sister of national artist Dmitry Malikov Inna divorced five years ago with her husband Vladimir. Their son Dmitry was at that time only 12 years old. The singer does not regret that it happened. She could no longer endure the jealousy and cruelty of a spouse. According to ina, they with Vladimir turned out to be complete opposites.

      “I’m a creative person, very sociable. He is not creative, not very communicative, also quite hard,” explained Malikov. Spouses have long tried to come to an understanding, but nothing worked, they reached a “point of no return”.

      “I just Packed my things, closed the door behind him and went to my parents. Since we had no contact with him,” – says the artist.

      One of the main reasons the gap has become all-consuming jealousy of Vladimir to all that surrounded her: to her friends, to work on the stage. After the divorce, the question arose, who will live son Dima. Father insisted that I have to get the heir to itself, but in the end everything was resolved safely, Dima stayed with her mother.

      Malikov noted that the son had little contact with Vladimir. Probably, they are unable to understand each other and find a common language.

      “I don’t think he has some deep grudge against him. They just lacked understanding. Dimin dad didn’t want any of us to agree. He wanted Dima and I were what he wanted to see us. He demanded our absolute obedience, and we have Dima each with its own character,” – said Malikov.

      Fortunately, as Inna said in an interview with Hello!, she met a man who she can totally trust, and be sure that the best lay ahead of her. By the way, the son also never ceases to please your charming mother. Dmytro prepares and conducts cooking classes. He recently graduated from high school and plans to continue to learn the profession of chef. As the whole family Malkovich, the guy is very musical. Dima playing the piano and even performed with his uncle on stage. However, the musical career of the young man did not attract. Inna Malikova: “Dima good genes”

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