Сергей Безруков и Анна Матисон ждут первенца

Sergey Bezrukov long made it clear that his personal life is nobody just will not start. And for those who did manage to find out his family secrets, to be financially responsible for their actions.

In order to avoid new attempts from the media to dig into his personal Affairs, Bezrukov made a statement that truly delighted his fans.

On the official website of the actor has information that 42-year-old Bezrukov will soon become a father as his wife, 32-year-old Director Anna matison pregnant.

“Dear friends! In order to avoid unwanted excitement at the festival “Kinotavr” Sergey Bezrukov in advance according to his fans and the media that he and his wife are expecting a baby,” – said on the official website of the actor.

Look at Anna in the family way everyone will be able very soon – at the festival “Kinotavr”, which starts in Sochi the other day. There will be the premiere screening of in-competition of the painting “After you”, Director and screenwriter of which was Anna, and the producer and main actor, of course, Sergei.

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