Тейлор Свифт выступила на свадьбе фанатов

Fans of Taylor swift should be grateful to his darling for this attention on her part. The singer often makes surprises and gifts to their fans. Last weekend, swift once again surprised the fans.

26-year-old singer found out about the upcoming wedding of their fans. Instead of a material gift, she decided to present something more memorable and spoke at the celebration than shocked as newlyweds themselves, and so gathered guests.

Тейлор Свифт выступила на свадьбе фанатов

About a couple of newlyweds Max and Singer Kanye Smith Taylor learned thanks to the sister of the groom. As it turned out, she wrote about the recent tragedy that occurred of men in the family died his mother. But mom still managed to see the wedding of the son, which the pair set up in a hospital room. On the day of registration, the groom danced with my mom to the song swift Blank Space.

The star was so touched by this story that she decided to personally congratulate the couple during their ceremony. Taylor came to the event and performed for all acoustic version of the song Blank Space.

Recall, Taylor recently broke up with Calvin Harris, who met a year and a half.



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