Ченнинг Татум поступил в Гарвард

36-year-old actor Channing Tatum in his example, decided to prove that if you have something not received in his youth, it is not necessary to refuse it at all. The star of “magic Mike”, which is due to high employment and desire to gain a foothold in the field of show business and cinema once refused from education, decided to catch up and enrolled in Harvard business school.

Information about the new student appeared on the official website of Harvard on Facebook, and photos on Twitter, his teacher, Professor Anita Ebers.

It is known that Tatum is trained on the course, which in its name contains what Tatum has been doing for over 15 years. Channing is now studying Business in the field of entertainment, sports and media”.

The first lesson of the actor at Harvard already took place on 2 June. By the way, the lectures Tatum is not the only celebrity. Chen is studying with rapper LL Cool J and NBA players, POU Gasol and Chris Paul.

Note that the introductory lecture for Tatum was very active and informative.

Students gave Sean tips on how to improve the film, and the actor led a discussion on the topic of the influence of movies about dancing at the Hollywood.

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