Сериал «Игра Престолов» завоевал сразу девять премий «Эмми»
The controversial drama became a triumpher of ceremony.

promotional photo of “Game of thrones”

Photo: Instagram.com

The series “Game of thrones” is kept in the air for six years and, despite this, only continues to gain popularity and recognition. On the last weekend in Los Angeles hosted a ceremony of awarding “Amy”, which this year decided to split into two parts. The winners of the “first branch” unconditionally were the creators of the controversial drama.

The acclaimed television series in just one evening became the owner of nine figurines. Mostly well-deserved “Game of thrones” prizes were from the category of nominations for the technical achievements. Critics praised the drama to be nominated in the visual effects, makeup, costumes, stunt work, in short everything that makes “Game of thrones” is so popular among the viewers.

It should be noted that the following weekend will be the second part of the ceremony, which the creators of the series will most likely also not leave “empty handed”. “Game of thrones” will compete for another eight statues. Since the release of the blue screens the series by George RR Martin books already managed to get 35 Emmys — more than any other television drama in history.

Incidentally, the “Game of thrones” has all chances to become a second time winner in the main nomination of the evening for best drama series. By the way, the release of each new episode of the sixth season of “chained” to the TV about 8 million viewers.