Эксклюзив: Прохор Шаляпин будет воспитывать сына Анны Калашниковой
A new twist in the relationship of singer and model.

Anna Kalashnikova and Prokhor Chaliapin

Photo: courtesy of the press service of the actress

In exclusive comments to Anna Kalashnikova told 7days.ru,
they Prokhor Chaliapin lately close again, but already as friends. Moreover, the musician offers
to participate in the education of the son of Anna.

“It’s still rather difficult
says Kalashnikov. — But, nevertheless, we communicate. Started to call up and I hope our relationship will continue
on a friendly note, because we are not strangers and we are bound
a few years of life. Prokhorov is good to Danya, I
really wish they communicated, because the son got used to it. Don’t want
to cross out what happened. Prokhorov is the closest person to me. I believe in
the fact that our communication will continue…”

Recall that Prokhor Chaliapin ended the relationship and called off the wedding
Anna once found out that the child wasn’t his. After the announcement
the results of the DNA test the actor interrupted the communication with the model.

Four months after the scandalous breakup the ex-beloved
met in the Studio of Andrey Malakhov. In the framework of the program “Let them talk” between
former bride and groom had a long and stormy
showdown. By the end of
transfer Prokhorov admitted that he is ready to forgive Anna and resume with her
relationship. However, the commentary Kalashnikova 7days.ru Chaliapin was talking only about the friendship and education of the child.