Ксения Собчак разочаровала своих поклонников
Fans no longer recognize the TV.

Ksenia Sobchak

Photo: xenia_sobchak (Instagram Ksenia Sobchak)

The image of the scandalous Ksenia Sobchak, it seems, forever in the past. The TV presenter once again showed the fans how pregnancy changed her. On the days her husband Maxim Vitorgan celebrated a birthday. And, to the surprise of his fans, on this occasion, she has published an incredibly touching confession to her husband in love.

“Thank you for everything! What happiness, that you still exist! A big part of my life, I thought you, as Santa Claus, just invented by people. But you are. My one and Only. Maksim, happy birthday!” — wrote Ksenia. Such public revelations could hardly wait for the “old” Sobchak.

Being in the “interesting position”, she changed her attitude to little children who allow themselves to harsh statements, and to the surrounding people. For example, in the early spring of Xenia staged a showdown with the staff on Board one of the airline. And recently she spoke on the same carrier, which judging by published photographs, “bribed” pregnant Xenia chocolates as the most favorite airline.

Suddenly ceased to rattle all over the country and the scandals performed by Sobchak. Although “New wave” she was trying to pick a fight with photographers who were chasing her heels, to do it as effectively as before the pregnancy Xenia is no longer possible. Many of the witnesses watching her behind the scenes of the music festival said that the TV presenter is much softer in dealing with people.

By the way, so the dramatic changes in Sobchak happy not all of her fans. Many of them loved her for what she is able to firmly defend its position in all matters. However, it is possible that after the birth of her first child Xenia will return to their former ways.