The second wife Ilze Liepa was allowed to see more of a common child

Второму супругу Илзе Лиепы разрешили чаще видеться с общим ребенком The court granted the petition of businessman Vladislav Paulus, husband of the former people’s artist of Russia. Over a long period of time businessman and Ilze Liepa are unable to settle between the controversies over the successor.
Второму супругу Илзе Лиепы разрешили чаще видеться с общим ребенком

Journalists report that the Presnensky court of Moscow fully satisfied the claim of businessman Vladislav Paulus. The man asked to change the schedule of his meetings with the seven year old daughter Hope, because he wanted to see the baby. Paulus also claimed that the ex-wife, people’s artist of Russia Ilze Liepa, mends his obstacles.

It is unknown how the court reacted very ballerina, which Vladislav Paulus is in conflict. Four years later, after a divorce, former spouses can’t settle their differences about a child in common. That the relationship between Paulus and Liepa extremely tense, I know many close friends of the famous actress.

“Ilze is a very painful subject. Paulus brought her a lot of grief. Recently, she wanted to go with her daughter abroad, but Vladislav didn’t give her permission, had to go to court”, – told reporters, surrounded by celebrities.
Второму супругу Илзе Лиепы разрешили чаще видеться с общим ребенком

Earlier in an interview Vladislav Paulus claimed that Ilze Liepa ready at all, so he saw less of her daughter. According to the businessman, he tried to make peace with a ballerina and wrote her letters, but they remained unanswered. The businessman also claimed to have addressed for the help to the psychologist and made many attempts for a peaceful settlement of the conflict with his ex-wife. While Paulus has said it has no plans to take away the Hope forever, but only asks Liepu be allowed to see the child more often.

At the same time, a famous dancer, on the contrary, accused her ex-husband in incorrect behavior. In an interview, Ilze Liepa sternly spoke about Vladislav Paulus. The woman stated that the ex-husband supposedly never liked her, and contacted the artist for money and position in society. The star also blamed Paulus selfishness and the fascination with alcohol.

Recall that Ilze Liepa announced the divorce with Vladislav Paulus in June 2013. The couple broke up after fourteen years of marriage. The ballerina said that sees no possibility to continue the relationship with the entrepreneur.

Hope, the daughter of artist and businessman, was born in 2010. The girl was the first and long-awaited child star. Until recently, the heiress Ilze Liepa could see his father only a few times per month, according to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.