Glafira Tarkhanov gave birth to fourth child

Глафира Тарханова родила четвертого ребенка

Actress Glafira Tarkhanov told his fans that gave birth to the fourth time. Accurate information the girl will not disclose, but announced that the baby is fine and she is now preparing for discharge.

Глафира Тарханова родила четвертого ребенка

The girl put a colorful picture where she is in a long turquoise dress holding a big tummy. “Today a miracle happened! I in the fourth time became a mother!” said the actress fans.

Fans hope that a newborn child will be a girl, because the actress already has three sons — 9-year-old Korney, 6-year-old Ermolai and 4-year-old proud. The girl gave birth at home.

Unlike many stars, Glafira did not advertise her pregnancy. The girl was specially exhibited his photos in his microblog, putting the clothes in which will not see the rounded belly. It is specially changed poses so that nobody suspected anything. Because of this, for many fans the surprise of an unexpected addition to the family. The observation found out about the pregnancy after one of the social events, where guests noticed an interesting situation Tarhanova. Soon, the network appeared the news of her pregnancy.

Despite his position, the artist continued to act in films. She did not stop their activities, even if you had come home after midnight. Fans admired her diligence, but worried for the health of mother and baby.

Glafira is now married to Alexei Fadeevym. The actress met him while working on the film “the Chronicles of hell” in 2005. As told Glafira, work at home, they do not discuss. After three months of relationship, the man proposed to her and they got married. His older sons girl reporters not showing.

Recently, during the last months of pregnancy, the girl ended up in a scandal at the airport. She bought a ticket from Greece to Moscow and could not get on the flight. The cause of the incident, the actress did not disclose, but fans suspect that the company simply did not dare to put the girl on Board because of the situation. “What a day. The children have gone home without me. Well at least not alone, but with my mom and sister. And I, despite everything, smiling and waiting for tomorrow’s triple flights with two transfers, as the other ticket just there,” — wrote in a blog artist. The girl had to stay in Corfu for one night. Friend girl sheltered her for the night, which she escaped the night at the station.