Скандал продолжается: полиция изъяла у Киркорова 100 тысяч евро

The conflict around the songs of the king of pop “tough love” took on new momentum.

Yesterday, Philip said on canceled concert in Kurgan because of the investigative proceedings in the matter of the authorship of his hit single “tough love” in 2003 (the leader of the French group Space, Didier Marouani, recall, had accused the singer of plagiarism, saying that he used the material part of his composition “Symphonic space dream” 1999). And today in the media appeared the news that the police seized from the Russian by 100 thousand euros in as evidence…

As it became known to journalists, November 30 evening Philip Bedrosovich met Didier Marouani in the savings Bank Department on Pokrovka street, to give him the required compensation in the amount of 100 thousand euros. But to take a large sum from the Frenchman failed. The police on duty in the Bank, then he was detained (together with the lawyer Igor Trunov and their interpreter). Kirkorov also failed to go unnoticed: he took the money he was going to give.

“Kirkorov has prepared two packs of money with par value of 500 euros in each pack put in $ 100 bills. Bundle, he tied rubber bands. During the meeting, the singer put them on the table, and then Marouani tried to take them. At this point the Frenchman was arrested by police officers who observed the transaction inside the Bank. For all-out pre-investigation activities, all money was withdrawn as material evidence. After the end of the proceedings will decide on the return of 100 thousand Euro to the owner, i.e. the applicant Kirkorov,” said the source, according to the newspaper “life”.

It is hoped that the conflict between Kirkorov and Marouni will be resolved peacefully. At least hope fans of the Russian artist.

“Philip, truth is on your side… Everything will be okay!” “Phillip Bedrosovich, I wish you health, patience and all the best!!! I’m sure that’s true for you! I wish only victories”, “Philip Bedrosovich! Very support you,” write Kirkorov his fans in Instagram.