After my divorce, my Buzova went to the mountain quarry

После развода у Бузовой пошла в гору карьера

Today, the TV host presented its own section in a fashion boutique. And shared ambitious plans: she wants to sing and act in films!

What a woman does after parting with the beloved, so as not to fall into depression? Change color of hair and begins to actively engage in career! And here’s Olga Buzova, which recently went through a breakup with her husband, footballer Dmitry Tarasov, use these proven methods of combating depression. Hair color she changed dramatically: dyed from blonde to brunette. And with redoubled enthusiasm engaged in the Affairs.

Today in the shopping center “metropolis” in the boutique shop, Kalina, representing the clothes of the Russian designers was the opening of a corner Olga. Prior to that, clothes, released under her brand was only available in the online store.

“I’m so pleased that such a large shopping center to open up my corner. Today here are my autumn / winter collection,” joyfully welcomed their first customers presenter.

But, it seems, Olga is not going to be the fashion and work on the “House-2”. It is planning to conquer the stage and cinema.

— In spite of all the circumstances in my life, work for me has always been salvation, shared with Woman’s Day Olga. — Now I have days planned to the minute. That opened my corner in the boutique Kalina. My song “the sound of kisses” for the second week is held at the 1st place in iTunes. When I decided to record this track, many of my friends said, “Why do you need it? You’re not a singer”. Yeah, was up to this point. But I could not sing this song. I sang it from the heart. And now I have big plans in this direction. Still receive a lot of suggestions connected with acting. I have always said that my Director, who sees me as acting talent. I have already tried themselves in movies and TV series, now preparing for the lead role in the play, which will premiere in the new year. It’s only the beginning.

It is worth noting that despite all the talk about the difficulties in his personal life presenter, in public Olga is behaving as if nothing had happened. On the contrary: Buzova looks very happy!

— I’m doing all the compliments about the hair color. 30 years I was blonde. And always repeated: “I never change my hair color”. Never say never. One of the rules, which I now have cut myself on the nose. But I did as my heart prompted. Today I realized that the most important thing I have is myself. Don’t be afraid to change something in yourself, in life, to take risks, especially in moments when you feel that you now need it. It is not necessary to consult with anyone. I even his mother did not. She saw me in a new way on Instagram. “Is that a wig?” immediately she wrote me. No I did not expect. All the people I meet say the same thing: “We even could not think that you will be so dark a color.” You know, I’m so comfortable in it. There was not a second of addiction. Woke up the next day and thought, “God, it’s good”. I look at myself now in the mirror and enjoy. My appearance started and I became brighter! And the “House-2” in the meantime, bet, when Olga Buzova back repainted in blonde. I do not know, do not want, but do not take long shots. Never say never. Live today.