Скандал перед «Евровидением»! Наталья Водянова заступилась за Юлию Самойлову
The famous model spoke about the contradictory situation faced by the singer.

Скандал перед «Евровидением»! Наталья Водянова заступилась за Юлию Самойлову

Julia Samoylova

Photo: the First channel

Representatives of the First channel rejected the proposal
manual of the international song contest “Eurovision”: Russian singer
Yulia Samoilova, which banned entry to Ukraine, invited
remotely via teleconference.

“The first channel received an official offer EBU,
the fact that the Russian participant of Eurovision Julia Samoylova
made in the semi-finals of the competition via a live broadcast from Moscow —
the appeal says. In this regard, we consider it necessary to declare

The first channel has acted in full compliance with
the rules of “Eurovision” and chose the contestant who was
EBU and remains current with competitor. Claims to Yulia Samoilova side
EBU no. According to the rules of Eurovision, the broadcaster must ensure that all
participants “the opportunity to obtain an entry visa for the whole period of the
event.” Thus, the refusal of Yulia Samoilova of entry into the territory
Ukraine violates the rules of the contest. We believe a strange proposal
remote participation, and reject it, because it certainly
contrary to the very meaning of the event, the strict rule which
is the performance live on the Eurovision stage. We believe that
The European Broadcasting Union should not invent new rules for Russian
party in 2017 and are able to conduct the competition in accordance with their

Today, the scandal surrounding the participation of sacratissimum
Julia Samoilova “Th”, joined by Natalia Vodianova. She has published
in his angry post.

“As such
possible? — was indignant the model. My heart bleeds, although only
a week ago, was jubilant with happiness, knowing that in the Eurovision Russia will
to imagine beauty Yulia Samoilova. I didn’t even think about that
the host country — Ukraine, and Yulia can become hostage to political
the games that we all will lose — the citizens of Russia and Ukraine. My grandmother
Ukraine, I’ve got half of our relatives. I hope that I will hear my
Ukrainian friends and family and support my words. Don’t let #Euronavigacija!”

Natalia Vodianova

Photo: “7 Days”