Милош Бикович рассказал, на что потратит 43 миллиона рублей
The stars shared plans: what to do with limitless wealth.

Милош Бикович рассказал, на что потратит 43 миллиона рублей

Nikita Tarasov

Photo: press service

Russian car started drama “Lucky
case!” from the Director Romana samgina and the creators of “Kiss!”. In the film a group of friends discovers
do yourself a lottery ticket. Who and how bought — no one remembers. Ticket
winning 43 million
rubles. Win decided to share with all, staged an outdoor party, set up plans, but
quickly realized that they can not see the money, if you know about them wife. Men steal
your passport and run away from home, and the wives follow them closely.

We decided to ask the stars of Russian cinema,
what would they have spent 43 million rubles, if I won the lottery this

“If I won the lottery 43
million rubles, the first thing I would have paid the mortgage, — said Olga
Medynich. But really, I dream of a big house in the suburbs, where it will be
to live my whole family.”

“43 million rubles, I would have opened
small bar with live music and dancing,” — said Valerie Fedorovich.

“What would I do with 43 million? —
thought Milos Bikovich. I know you’d like to hear something like “would give
dear people what they have long dreamed of…” but no, I’m not that good,
so I will not pretend to be (laughs). That’s just the money is still
not enough to produce your movie, as I dream, I would have spent
the money for the trip and drove to a close people”.

“43 million — just enough to
my feature directorial debut!” — said Nikita Tarasov.

“My wife and I share everything: I — 33
a million, ten”, — laughs Sergey Lavygin.

Milos Bikovich

Photo: press service