Phenomenal slender legs Anna Semenovich brought to mind her fans

Феноменально стройные ноги Анны Семенович свели с ума её фанатов
The singer boasted a figure like the model.

Anna Semenovich


Anna Semenovich, it seems, intends to regain the status of a sex bomb. About a year ago, the singer took up his transformation and became a fan of detox diets and exercise. The result of the hard work the singer has achieved phenomenal success and is markedly postroila. The artist published a picture in a swimsuit and showed the fans a “new” stunning figure.

In the comments to the photo, fans left hundreds of delighted comments. “Lost weight, looks super!”, “Fantastic! Share secrets of weight loss! It’s just incredible!”, “Oh, what legs!!”, “Crazy what thin… looked Younger for 10 years!” — wrote 37-year-old Anna.

By the way, all fans Semenovich believe that the artist managed actually so radical to lose weight. Many of them suggest that the singer embellishes the dignity of the figure in photoshop.

Meanwhile, not so long ago Anna hinted that soon will go under the crown and even appeared in public with a wedding ring on the hand. Recently, however, the singer often says in interviews that the process of becoming a single mother. And the child she plans to adopt. “I had always wanted to make happy at least one kid who is not fortunate at birth, — says Anna. And, it doesn’t matter at the moment married or not, I was able to raise their own children. While my maternal instinct woke up, unclear, what thoughts come to mind when you see your own child. Suddenly something clicks and I start to give birth every year?”