John Mayer dedicated a new song Katy Perry

Джон Майер посвятил новую песню Кэти Перри

John Mayer was desperate to attract the attention of his former lady friend of the singer Katy Perry. After her breakup with Orlando bloom, musician, as they say, tried to contact her to Express their support. However, the actress has made clear that she is not suffering because of broken relationships and did not think to do this. But Mayer is not convinced. New song “Still Feel Like Your Man” (“still feel like your man”) John has devoted Katie. The actor openly admitted this in an interview to the New York Times.

“Who else could I think?” — John replied to the question whether Katie character of lyric hero in the new song “It’s easy to guess. Over the last five or six years of serious relationship I had was only with Cathy.”
Recall that Katy and John were Dating for about a year and a half, and in the beginning of 2014 is news about the engagement was announced breakup. John was a man who broke the heart of Perry.

“In my bathroom still your shampoo In case you want to wash your hair/ I know that now you can be anywhere/ And I’m not important..I still like all the letters of your name, baby/I know that I would not find the same as you/ I still Have the feeling that the party ended too early to go home..” — the song is about. If this is not PR on behalf of the former lady friend, does not this enormous regret of a failed relationship and does not want John to return her love? Neither Mayer nor Perry until this information has not commented.