Правила жизни и успеха актрисы Мерил Стрип


Meryl Streep is called the greatest actress of our time! And superwoman, who are incredible to combine work and personal life. Outside the set she is a happy wife, mother of four and grandmother!!
Says the actress, most of the successes in her life – the result of strict adherence to certain rules! And here is a list of the most important ones, read on.
About the fact that she is not beautiful Meryl Streep always knew! Inexpressive appearance was the reason why the actress made her film debut in only 28 years. The actress refused, and the scenes involving her were cut, but she never gave up and for the 3rd movie Meryl was nominated for the award “Oscar”. So, in 30 years, Meryl has won major film awards in the world. Great work ethic and desire to do the best they can become her secret of success and the 1st rule of life.

Правила жизни и успеха актрисы Мерил Стрип
“I can’t stand those people who don’t care what they do! When I get used to the role, then go all out!”, — said the actress.
Meryl Streep worried about every detail in the role, bringing to mind their colleagues. Her partner on the film “Kramer vs. Kramer” Dustin Hoffman has been named the Strip “acting machine.” But none of my colleagues have not Kamali in it of this rule, the Strip is still plunged into each of their roles, especially under the character of his heroines changes the gait, posture, style of talking and even accent. Her efforts are generously rewarded every time! In the collection Meryl Streep all the major awards – Oscar, Grammy, césar, Golden globe, Gotham and many others, how many in total do not count difficult. The actress chuckles every time the sound of her name in the nominations.
“When again called my name, I can imagine how half of America said Oh my God, there she is again, why?!” — so reacted to the actress in her third Oscar for her role as Margaret Thatcher in “the Iron lady”.
Laughter – that’s the weapon that the actress is struggling with problems and envious, and humor of her constant rule of life! With humor and lightness learned this woman to get out of any situation. What is an unsuccessful audition for a role in the film “king Kong”, when the Director rudely commented on her appearance, did it in Italian, not expecting that this intelligent woman knows the language. In the end, this role has got pretty Jessica Lange and Meryl Streep, and not very broken up over the coarse of the night, because she loved herself for who she is! And in 63 years, even became the face of the most influential magazine “Voque”.
“I’m the oldest girl on the cover!”, — joked the actress.

“Don’t follow ideals, love your uniqueness!”, is the following a rule of life Pacing. By the way, Meryl is a known opponent of plastic surgery. This woman may like to joke and add “pepper”. So memory was her speech at the “Golden globe” in 2017, when she criticized the US President Donald trump for what demeans people with disabilities.
“Never keep your mouth shut if you have something to say!”, — another rule of life Meryl Streep. The house actress is quite different – soft and sensual.
Now 41 years Actis married to sculptor Donald Gummer, and their Union in Hollywood called “perfect”. That’s where a family – husband, 4 children and a newborn grandchild, the actress calls the biggest “treasure”.
“Valuing the family!”, — another rule Meryl Streep. The actress has never sacrificed family for the sake of success in the movies. And although it wasn’t easy – she made it. And the main rule: “Love, sex and food! That’s what makes us truly happy!”, — Meryl admitted.

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