Снова страсти в Королевской семье: Питер Филлипс стал официальным лицом китайского молока

Снова страсти в Королевской семье: Питер Филлипс стал официальным лицом китайского молока

Have not had time to subside passion around Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, as the network began discussing a new scandal in the Royal family. The main character at the moment was the 42-year-old grandson of Queen Elizabeth II Peter Phillips. The man used his status for commercial purposes. Peter is 15 contender in the list on the legacy of the throne.

According to British media reports, Phillips became the official face of the brand milk on the Chinese market. He took part in the shooting of advertising, using his Royal status to attract attention to his person and brand. Peter’s mother Princess Anne from infancy tried to hide his son from the paparazzi and any video footage, but the Phillips has always sought publicity and visibility on the streets and TV screens. At the age of 42 years old Princess Anna was unable to keep his son from making a fool of myself.

In advertising the emphasis is placed on linking the men to the Royal family. Of course, the script was written with the full consent of Peter and sign an official contract with the brand. At the moment the Chinese are already TV commercials milk Jersey Fresh Milk, where throughout the video flashes the face of the eldest grandson of Queen Elizabeth II. According to the scenario, the creators of the ad decided to tell the viewers that Phillips uses this milk in early childhood. According to the insider, Peter received a reward for shooting in advertising this product in the amount of several tens of dollars.

It is worth noting to remind you that using your status and authority of the Royal family for profit is punishable by law. Also, this gesture can be interpreted as a dismissive attitude to the monarchy of great Britain. The act of the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II is still considered the head of state and his assistants. At this time, no message from Elizabeth II didn’t arrive, she didn’t have time to comment on the incident.

Peter Phillips also no announcement has been given. For what man did, is still unknown.

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