Интервью Дженнифер Энистон: у меня новый взгляд на творчество

Интервью Дженнифер Энистон: у меня новый взгляд на творчество

After Hollywood actress Jennifer aniston received a well-deserved award at the ceremony screen actors Guild USA, she gave a short interview to journalists. The actress said that he always wanted to play the role of one of the superheroes, but this idea is not implemented.

According to Jennifer, she sees herself in the role of Wonder woman. However, the dream failed to come true, too long she thought about it and waited, and when she was invited at least for casting. Such thoughts visited aniston before appeared on the screen by Gal gadot.

However, aniston does not give up, she believes that in life everything is interchangeable. Unfortunately, she missed the train with superheroes, but has done amazing role in the drama series “the Morning show”. By the way, Jennifer not just played a major role in the series, it was her debut as a producer.

In an interview the actress also admitted that she felt only the beginning of her starry way, she very much still wants to do in the film industry. At the age of 50 years, a celebrity felt a real love for their work. “I have a new perspective on creativity and what you need to do,” concluded the actress.

Also during the conversation it became clear that Jennifer misses her Comedy roles. Because she wants again make jokes and laugh. She plans to create a new Comedy project. Perhaps this will also be her production work. To play in another Comedy she would be a joy.

By the way, HBO once there was talk about how to remove the special “Friends”. Fans with bated breath, waited, when will declare the beginning of this film. Of course Jennifer aniston were supposed to take part in it. However, until questions about the project stopped and the case is pending. As stated by the creators of the sequel “Friends”, all the actors asked for a very large fee, which does not include the budget of the film. Therefore, most likely, the world will not be able to see the long-awaited continuation of the series.

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