Королевская семья блеснула стильными нарядами в Канаде Monarchs arrived in North America. Prince William and Kate Middleton together with children George and Charlotte made the fans and the press a lasting impression harmonious colors of clothing.

      Duchess Kate, Prince William and their children arrived on an official visit to Canada, where they will stay until 1 October. Descending from the plane, the Royal family was under a sight of cameras.

      Fans of the monarchs, as well as numerous members of the press who met the British at the airport, was affected. They found that the outfits of the Royal family look very harmoniously with each other. Blue colors turned to face all the family members. A hat for Kate Middleton and all of the furor among canadian fashionistas.

      In the microblog of the Royal family in Instagram thousands of fans worldwide have made the toilet compliments to the Duchess. A noble shade of blue, who chose Kate, caused a wave of admiration from a subscriber account of Kensington Palace. Followers compare Middleton with the statue and admired the way the young Charlotte, who was in his mother’s arms.

      Meanwhile, surrounded by royals notes that over the past year, she had a dramatic weight loss. British critics did not hesitate to say that weight loss had an adverse impact on Kate – she began to look older than their age, but on the face wrinkles appear.

      The British are trying to understand what is happening with Kate Middleton

      Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied digital matrix Middleton and shared their insights with “StarHit”. According to experts, the weight loss of the Duchess is connected with the feelings of the Prince. The stumbling block in the relationship between Kate and William may be some quality of heir to the Queen.

      “The biggest problem of their relationship – complicated character of the Prince. Always outwardly calm, in fact he is a man of emotions. William’s feelings prevail over reason, he is stubborn and sharp people do not accept criticism. But despite its explosiveness, the heir to the throne – sensitive and refined natures. This combination of traits makes Catherine mad, it is not easy to get along with your spouse. Plus, Kate is present in the sacrifice, day by day, she is completely absorbed in the life of the spouse and children on self-care, she doesn’t have time. Hence the sickly appearance,” concludes Clara.