The chosen soloist “Nepara” urgently flew to her birth in Miami

Избранник солистки «Непары» экстренно вылетел к ней на роды в Майами Previously Victoria Talyshinsky was only her mother. The singer is preparing for the birth of the child. The star decided that the baby will be born on the coast of the Atlantic ocean. Just yesterday in the United States came to her husband Ivan.

      The soloist of the duet “Nepara” Victoria talyshinskaya succumbed to fashion and departed to prepare for the birth of the child abroad. The expectant mother is in Miami, where he will be born her first child. While that woman enjoying the holiday on the coast of the Atlantic ocean, tasting delicious dishes of local cuisine and admiring the sunsets and sunrises. Before Victoria arrived, her husband Ivan, whose arrival she was very happy.

      The singer posted a microblog joint photo with her husband, in the signature which made clear that the happy reunion of their family. Fans of the actress said that the pregnancy with Victoria. Many wished the star a easy birth. Talyshinskaya not yet announced whether her husband to be with her in the house at the time of the appearance of the baby born. In any case, the star has already chosen the clinic where will labor.

      Together with Victoria in USA is also her mother Larisa, which would help her daughter to babysit the baby. According to the active way of life Talyshinsky, pregnancy it transfers without problems. The woman managed to make a few trips to Europe before you fly to USA to expect a child into the world.

      The soloist of the famous Duo allowed himself to go on maternity leave in September, just a few weeks before birth, as in August with Alexander, show still gave concerts on the coast of the côte d’azur, in nice. Victoria did not complain of fatigue and steadfastly withstood all trips.

      Recall that the duet “Nepara”, which appeared in 2002, won the hearts of millions of fans of lyrical motives. Hit team “Another reason”, “God invented you”, “Sweet”, “Cry and see” sang the whole country. However, after 10 years talyshinskaya and SOA decided to work solo. But in 2015 the musicians agreed to continue performing together. “A lot has changed for the better, because this pause was, first, some rest, and secondly, some lesson for both of us. We started appreciating our duet, we have gained strength and is now full of creative ideas,” said Victoria in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”. The duet “Nepara”: “Vick had half a second to accept my offer”