Наоми Уоттс разводится с мужем The actress has decided to part with Levon Schreiber after 11 years of marriage. The stars will continue to participate equally in the education of their children, two sons. According to the couple, in their relationship to start a new period.

      47-year-old actress Naomi watts and 48-year-old Liev Schreiber divorce. About this couple announced yesterday in an official statement. They decided to disperse peacefully, without conflicts and accusations against each other.

      “In the last few months, we came to the conclusion that for our family it would be better if we stop living together. We intend to continue to work together to educate our children, surrounding them with love, care and friendship, but ready for a new stage in our relations”, – said in a statement the star couple.

      Actors raise two sons: nine-year-old Alexander and seven-year old Samuel. Parents often share on social networks pictures with the heirs. Their followers often noted that the boys are very charismatic and very similar to the parents.

      By the way, the views of users microblogging about divorce Naomi and Liv were divided. Some regretted that such a Hollywood couple broke up, and others said they were pleased with the gap. “Thank God you walked away from Liva. Completely laid-back guy. His past speaks for him. You deserve someone who will appreciate you”, “Be happy,” had left words of support for fans of watts.

      About the breakup of Naomi and Liv talking in the beginning of this year. According to acquaintances of the actress, the spouse of the stars had rough character. He was unhappy that his fiancee works a lot. Schreiber even told my wife that the pursuit of roles makes her a bad mother. In 2009, the couple were about to separate permanently, but Liv pleaded selfish and asked the wife for forgiveness.

      “In the end, Naomi realized that he could no longer walk around him on eggshells, told surrounded by watts. – She was tired of wondering what mood he will come home and have time to adapt. After all, if Liv is not in the spirit, he explodes from any trifle”.

      However, to inform the public about the break-up Naomi hesitated. She was afraid that the journalists will be hunted not only for them Livem, but will haunt their children. Recently, they ceased to live together and tried not to cross at work. “Naomi didn’t even want to meet him once again on the set, – spoke colleagues. They behaved like people who have nothing in common.”