Резиденты Comedy Club готовятся к юбилею
The ether is prepared 500th edition of the show.

December 9 broadcast of TNT will come — neither more nor
little 500-th episode Comedy
Club. Jokes residents live in our minds, their images have become a household name, they are called legislators of modern humor in Russia. “Old-timers”
of the project spoke about what it was like to feel before the anniversary of the 500.

“Over those 12 years, over the past 500 editions
the principle of the Comedy Club has not changed, — says Garik Martirosyan.
It’s the same casual, a little cynical, but optimistic and cheerful
humor, which is still interesting to ourselves the creators of the program. And it
very important — the ensemble of the Comedy Club having fun, catches the positive mood
from what does. It’s still not that our work is fun

Pavel Volya said that the humor and Comedy —
this, of course, not only the merit of those the viewer sees on the screen. It
Titanic work of a huge team.

“Guys, can you imagine what 500 editions of the Comedy show,
to each one was not just funny, but very funny, trendy and powerful?
It’s very cool! And also very difficult, he says. — So that in order
to at least one issue of the Comedy Club took place, a great team of talented people
very much and long running jokes, rehearsing and shooting. 500 programs —
it’s 500 hours every second, continuous, relevant and explosive humor. It
billions of hits around the globe. And I, in turn, happy
involved in the project Comedy Club. We have changed the idea of humor, we give
you joy, we laugh together — it’s endlessly inspiring!”