Анна Семенович осваивает новую профессию
The singer will be able to decorate the interior of your home.

Anna Semenovich

Photo: Instagram Anna Semenovich

Star began to take courses in painting and have already started writing
of his painting. Moreover, playing Anna Semenovich attends not one, but with his
a dog that appeared in her house a few days ago. In some sense, it is and here is Michelle
(the so-called his favorite singer) was inspired by his mistress to a new hobby. After all
S. wanted to paint a portrait of the new family member.

By the way, Anna thinks the Mishelek your child and leads from it
name the diary in social networks. “Hello, my name is Michelle S.! Today
my first day in the new house, at first I was a little worried and was looking for a brother with
sister, but then mom took me in your arms and I calmed down, I have very
kind, bought me a beautiful soft bed and lots of toys and we with her today
for a long time played. First mom came to pick up my sister, I have
rare blue color, but when I saw the mother immediately realized that I want to live
only with her. I jumped to her pen, kissed her, looked in my eyes and
told her I love her and want her. Then my mom asked me my first hostess
my name, and when I found out that my name is Michelle, just kissed me and
he said that now we are together. Then I heard she told my
first the hostess that wanted to call their dog Michelle, I sure miss
his sister, but I’m sure she too will find their good mother, because these
things in heaven, and my sister is very kind and gentle. I chose a mother for love and we are very
happy together. Well all I have to go, mom is calling to swim, have a good day
tasty bones and a lot of love. Your
And here is Michelle” — described the first day of your new life History.

By the way, many
people are online diaries on behalf of their Pets. Darya Dontsova, for example,
turned it into a special genre of online literature.