Представитель Бориса Моисеева прокомментировал слухи о его опухоли мозга

Yesterday some Russian media spread the news that Boris Moiseev is in a very bad condition. It was said that the actor was diagnosed with a brain tumor, the growth of which was allegedly triggered by a severe stroke, which Moses had several years ago.

To dot the I hastened PR Manager of the singer Kirill, who said that this information is pure lie: “It’s complete nonsense to even comment did not want, – said Kirill. – Boris feels fine and will participate in all scheduled concerts.

What was the reason for the appearance of such rumors, it is not clear.

Note that the stroke that Moses suffered five years ago, still not been to by without a trace.

In celebration of his 60th birthday Boris with difficulty concluded, almost completely exhausted. In Vitebsk he became ill on stage. Somehow after the performance, backstage Moses literally fell into the hands of the organizers.