СМИ: актриса Леа Сейду беременна

Having been a bond girl in “007:SPECTRUM”, actress Lea seydoux was quick to arrange your family happiness. At the moment, the actress is in Cannes where she came under the scope of the paparazzi. The output of the stars of the film “Life Adele” could remain unnoticed by the press, if not for one small fact – the tummy seydoux seemed visibly rounded, and this may indicate that it soon will be the first time mother.

Note that at the moment, Lea is not married and the father of the child is alleged to be her lover, male model Andre Meyer.

Sami Lea and Andre upcoming changes in my personal life prefer not to advertise, however, as my novel.

Note that for the past few months, Leah went out a few times and each time chose the outfits that would not be formfitting in the abdomen: at one of the events she appeared in a loose dress, the other in a loose top and jacket oversize.