России могут передать право на проведение  «Евровидения-2017»

“Eurovision 2016” took place in may of this year. The winner of this contest was the representative of the Ukrainian Jamala, which means next year is Ukraine going to take this song contest. Today it became clear that Ukraine this right can be taken away. This can happen due to the fact that four months later, after the “Eurovision 2016” the country still have not decided what city will be made this musical feast.

The authorities of Ukraine have a little more time to thoroughly analyze the situation to determine the city and concert hall, where it may take the “Eurovision-2017”, to see if to organize a celebration at the highest level and whether they will cope until the start of the competition. After all, time is running short.

If the same decision about which city will host the “Eurovision-2017” will not be accepted until the beginning of October, for the right of the contest will compete in the country in which the participants took second and third places respectively.

“Ukraine won the contest in 2016, which means they won the right to adopt it in their country. The status of the winner take away from them no one can. However, with regard to timing, the decision had to be made much earlier. The deadline is no later than the beginning of October,” — said representatives of the European broadcasting Union.

If the right is still selected Ukraine, it is likely that competition will again be hosted by Russia.

Australia can not do this, as, by the rules, the contest will be held in the European region.