Программа о ремонте сделала сюрприз Леониду Якубовичу Broadcaster entrusted to a professional transformation of your apartment. Leonid Yakubovich wanted to design in Scandinavian style. However, professionals have ignored the requests of the star and opted for modern dance.
Программа о ремонте сделала сюрприз Леониду Якубовичу

Leonid Yakubovich became the protagonist of the next edition of “Perfect repair”. Leading trusted experts transformation beloved apartment in one of the best areas of Moscow. He stressed that he wants to see the design in Scandinavian style, understated and classic.

However, upon examination of the premises of the master came to the conclusion that it is necessary to change the concept. They have relied on modern combined with classic. Moreover, the transformation affected all areas including the living room, hallway and bedroom. The Leonid Arkadyevich said that repeatedly tried to do the repair yourself, but he never had time for it.

Have the presenter do a very intense work schedule. In addition to starring in “Field of dreams” it often appears in movies and TV series and also involved in charity work. Wife men Marina around helps him.

The designers have created for Leonid Abramovich and his wife an interesting design in calm pastel tones, which, in their opinion, were best suited to this apartment.

“Leonid Yakubovich insisted on Scandinavian style, but we decided to surprise him. Very worried, suddenly the result is not like Mr Abramovich and his wife,” said the presenter of the program Natalia Barbier.
Программа о ремонте сделала сюрприз Леониду Якубовичу

However, the fears proved groundless. Yakubovich was left in complete awe of the design. In the opinion of men, this option fits perfectly in its stylistic presentation, and it looks very modern. Especially a man impressed with the appearance of the bedroom.

“Don’t even know where we are now going to sleep. There it is impossible, it’s like a Museum. Honestly, I can’t believe this is my apartment. Like a whole lifetime ago, as I was not here. Very grateful for such a gift. It is truly priceless. Want your project to live for another 200-300 years at least, because you make people happy”, – said the presenter.

The designers used furniture and accessories made in Russia, which is especially admired Jakubowicz. The man did not even know that domestic producers are able to execute such a complex work. Also the man is like a “smart” door which opens only when you touch the handle the fingers of the owner.

Despite the change of the original concept, Leonid Abramovich was pleased with the work of professionals. Fans also agreed that the design of the apartment of the TV presenter was successful.