Молодой юморист умер, попав в высшую лигу КВН Representatives of the team “NATE” made an official statement. Sergey Balenko died under mysterious circumstances, and while the details of the tragedy were not disclosed. Friends of the artist began collecting funds to support his family.
Молодой юморист умер, попав в высшую лигу КВН

A few days ago, fans of KVN team “NATE” was jubilant, because the club managed to get into the top League according to the results of the festival in Sochi. This was announced themselves comedians. They were able to impress the jury with their jokes, and therefore took the event one of the first places.

However, just a few days it became clear that the team suffered a real tragedy. One of the members of the team Sergey Balenko died. His friends hastened to tell about it in social networks, while not putting the cause of the incident.

“19 January 2018, did not our brother and friend, Sergei Balenko. He died too early and could do a lot more. Thoughts are confused, don’t want to believe”, – said the representatives of the club.
Молодой юморист умер, попав в высшую лигу КВН

According to media reports, the tragedy occurred in Rostov-on-don. However, it is unknown what happened, and under what circumstances died Balenko. Fans of the comedian were shocked by the news. They were quick to Express condolences to the families of the stars. “I remember him on stage. He was always so fiery, just shone with enthusiasm and energy,” “I Understand that tactless to ask, but what happened? There is no information anywhere about the cause of death”, “When the young leave is always a tragedy. Can’t even imagine how hard it is to the parents of the guy,” wrote fans of the young man.

Friends of Sergei decided to support his family financially. They opened a fundraiser and asked all concerned to transfer the money to my mother Balenko, which will go to the funeral. In the first hours of the campaign were collected decent amount. Also members of the club urged to show tolerance and not to ask questions concerning the causes of the incident.

“Friends, the number of messages received by each of us, the support you provide is beyond any calculus. We can’t answer the question: “What happened?” yet do not be sure to the information on 100%”, – said the members of the team.

Some fans of the team “NATE” suggested that Sergei took his own life. However, the majority of fans came to the conclusion about the irrationality of such a conclusion. The fact that Balenko comic career was on the rise. The team came out in the highest League of KVN, and the victim was one of its main stars.