Дочь Кати Жужи: «Тренирую руку на домработницах» Nine-year-old heir to the presenter shared his plans for the future. Nicole says why he wants to work on TV and admitted that he loves to indulge mom nice gifts. In the future she would like to become an artist.
Дочь Кати Жужи: «Тренирую руку на домработницах»

Day nine-year-old girl painted by the minute. So Kate offered to talk to her on the phone and sent a contact with the touching name “the Beloved Nicole”. She said I should ask my mother permission to talk. And having received it, agreed.

Mom is angry when you meet strangers?
Дочь Кати Жужи: «Тренирую руку на домработницах»No, it’s just for safety. Actually, she’s kind, few of which could get angry. For example, the lessons can take any time off schedule. For her, the main thing – the result. The only requires sleeping at 23:00, not a minute later. And still doesn’t really like when I’m working long hours at the telephone sitting, but then seriously said, “Nicole, stop it! Go take care of business!”Review mom: “this, I think I will stand all parents. Who likes when the child hangs in the gadget? About homework it’s a bit disingenuous to constantly beg you not to postpone them for evening. Nicole got it right, train runs by one rule: at 22:30 she goes to take a shower at 23:00 I turn off all the lights. The child must be mode. And we stand up every day at 7:00”.
Дочь Кати Жужи: «Тренирую руку на домработницах»
What I like to do?
Дочь Кати Жужи: «Тренирую руку на домработницах»Out with my girlfriend Varya and conduct experiments. For example, recently made slaym is that kind of slime. Found some videos and repeated. Sometimes come teachers in math and languages – Russian and English. I do not love and do not understand why we have to go further. I also do not like exercise, playing tennis – I go to them twice a week – interesting. Enjoy going to lessons, art and literature. Study not bad, mostly in fours. Sometimes get five, but three are. Mom this upset, but don’t scold.Review mom: “It’s true. I think that it makes no sense to scold a child in such situations. Instead, Tutors deal with – why each of them goes to the child four times a week, but no result?”—
What are your chores?
Дочь Кати Жужи: «Тренирую руку на домработницах»Wash cells rats, I have two of them – Ratatuia and Jerry. Got them recently. Can still vacuum and dishwasher to load.
Дочь Кати Жужи: «Тренирую руку на домработницах»
Already decided what to be when you grow up?
Дочь Кати Жужи: «Тренирую руку на домработницах»Artist because I love to draw people, houses, animals. Or a makeup artist, become girls to paint and make them even prettier. I even take lessons – for real, for adults. Recently mastered day makeup. We train our housekeepers, they like the way it turns out.Review mom: “I somehow think that his daughter get sensible lawyer: she’s so considerate, thoughtful, loves to read, studying every detail. But I’m not against any profession – is the choice of Nicole, my right only to advise, but not to impose your opinion.” —
And to be the presenter, as a mom, I don’t want?
Дочь Кати Жужи: «Тренирую руку на домработницах»No, it’s a boring profession. All the time talk, talk.—
I watched her show?
Дочь Кати Жужи: «Тренирую руку на домработницах»Very rarely, and not especially. Sometimes, include, and there is “Dom-2”. But in General, it’s a show for adults, not for children. I would rather choose some kind of Comedy or horror. Recently “It” appreciated, awesome, albeit scary.Review mom: “don’t know what Nicole includes, because the TV at home is not working. Even I download your stories on the Internet. A year and a half of power saw ten programs”.
Дочь Кати Жужи: «Тренирую руку на домработницах»
As a mother spend time?
Дочь Кати Жужи: «Тренирую руку на домработницах»Go to concerts, parties, fashion shows. But hanging out I don’t particularly like, I better sit at home, I won’t be controlled. Although the mother for the sake of secular outlets for me even it gives recently here by uggs has shared.—
And you give her that?
Дочь Кати Жужи: «Тренирую руку на домработницах»Her favorite flowers. He found one on one site and ordered a souvenir – a rose under a glass cover like in the cartoon movie “beauty and the Beast”. When he was supposed to come with the courier, she and her friends sat in the kitchen, I closed the door to them, to not hear the call. Surprise! Mom was very pleased…Review mom: “we Have a tradition to please each other. For example, recently I was in Dubai, Nicole couldn’t take because of school. So she didn’t miss much, every day he ordered a delivery of something pleasant: a basket of berries, the designer, the bouquet… So the daughter felt that wherever I was, it for me always comes first”.—
At the end of 2016 you got Instagram, watching him for more than 30 thousand people…
Дочь Кати Жужи: «Тренирую руку на домработницах»I just wanted to subscribe to celebrities who like: singer Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez, blogger Mariana Ro and former colleague mom Olga Buzova.—
Why are comments closed? Something bad writing?
No, but the questions all the time asking – what filter photo process, which program video removed… But I’m too lazy to answer. I did not to ask.Review mom: “of Course, it was my request. In the Network there is too much mud, and I want to protect her daughter from her. In General, were opposed to Nicole started the blog, she’s with me for the last several years begged. But now her Instagram – a smart tool of education. As soon as the daughter starts to misbehave, immediately remove the app from her phone. Once it becomes a silk! So, Nicole, be nice!”