Останки Сальвадора Дали эксгумировали
“Daughter” of the artist longs for justice.

Останки Сальвадора Дали эксгумировали

Salvador Dali


Mariea, Abel Martinez

Recently in the Spanish city Figaros an event occurred that shook the millions of fans of creativity of the artist
around the world: the remains of Salvador Dali has been exhumed in order to run the DNA test to establish paternity. This story began 10 years ago when
61-year-old Spanish woman, Pilar, Abel Martinez for the first time said that she
the illegitimate daughter of a great artist. which, as was considered before, has no children. That she’s the daughter Gave, the woman learned from her mother: she claimed that she had a brief affair with the artist in 1955.

The trial lasted a very long time. The Spaniard insisted on his innocence,
and her main opponents of the Foundation Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation was trying to expose the “imposter”. Some time ago an attempt was made
to conduct a DNA examination on the material, which managed to collect postmortem
the mask was Given, but this, alas, was not enough. Scientists have not been able to
certain conclusions. To finally figure out the right Martinez or not, the judges agreed with the decision to exhume the body. Otherwise, the claim of the pillar to finish it

Pilar swears she’s starting to fight for their
right, she was guided not so much
material benefit, how much the thirst for justice and desire to know the truth.
Perhaps Martinez is really selfless. However, it is difficult
believe that getting a quarter of the inheritance Given, claimed
Pilar, for her not too important. Because the condition of the artist is estimated at 300 million euros.

The results of the exhumation will be known in 2 months.