VIDEO: three year old son Presnyakov and Podolsky came on the scene

ВИДЕО: трехлетний сын Преснякова и Подольской вышел на сцену
Natalia and Vladimir came to Jurmala along with Artemije.

Natalia Podolskaya with her son Artemy

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Vladimir Presnyakov and Natalia Podolskaya decided that a lot of sun and sea for my son to be
can and took a three-year Artemis with him to the festival “Laima Vaikule. Rendezvous
in Jurmala 2017″. Rest after the flights, the star the family went to a children’s
amusement Park. In the afternoon, while there was a rehearsal of the upcoming concert, Vladimir and Natalia is not considered
need to part with the baby, what the Topic was very happy.

While star parents sang
on stage, Artemy, being there, enjoyed listening to first mom and then dad. After the family decided to stay to the Topic and listened to the rehearsal
and other performers. Well towards evening before the concert, the artists went to

By the way, before the festival in Jurmala singers vacationed in Spain, where he stayed for about six weeks. Vladimir and Natalia with her son and friends were staying in a luxury Villa, located on the Mediterranean coast. It was the first such a long journey Artemia.