Нумеролог:  Федор Бондарчук не собирается жениться на Паулине Андреевой
Famous numerologist Tatyana Golikova told the whole truth about the star couple.

Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva cause a great
the interest of the public. They are famous, beautiful, talented and rich. About their relationship neither the Director, nor the actress almost not speak openly. Is
only guess when a couple get married, and how soon they will have children.

But these questions can answer numerologist Tatyana Golikova,
which by the numbers, but rather by date of birth tell: if
love each other, what awaits them and their future happy.

Original data: Bondarchuk, Fedor Sergeyevich of 09.05.1967 and Paulina (Catherine), O. Andreeva 12.10.1988.

“Fedor knows what he wants and how to achieve it! And
Paulina knows how to tame his stubborn temper and direct his energy in the right
direction. He is a strong leader, who himself
sets the rules and does not like when they are violated, his Destiny number is 1, and this
means that he is able to set global goals and successfully achieve them. Also in
the matrix here is the code of the selfish and it is important that others pay attention to him,
compliments and asked for advice. Fedor is a great speaker and a great provocateur.
He was born in may and in combination with its digital code it gives youth,
activity, but also demands the woman to him constantly
charmed, flirted and made variety. With the matrix of a novel cannot be
to be a housewife and not to follow him, he needs to be constantly enchanted
partner, — tells Tatyana Golikova. — Paulina was born on 12 numbers, and these people have
great patience, understanding, support and give a deep, wise advice.

This is what needed to Fedor and that’s what he like best about her is the sincere support and deep
understanding his personality. From Paulina
strong figures artistry, 3 in the matrix and 10 in the date of birth give her a chance
to Express themselves clearly as an actress, creative personality, she is very correct
the choice of your profession. Patience lacks, but the inner wisdom and philosophy
she has in excess, two 88 help her in difficult situations. The same fate with
Fedor their meeting was predetermined, 10 in the matrix and 10 in the date of birth
Paulina like magnets drew them to each other. Also during their meeting
Fedor lacked emotions, impressions and inspiration and all this he saw in
Pauline. Andreev is able to gently adjust to him, not forgetting about
myself that really fascinates and inspires Fedor. Paulina knows how to inspire,
to motivate, support, showing cunning, tact and artistry even
in the relationship. But the pair with great compatibility not to hurry with the marriage and
the birth of children. Pauline is very comfortable in the profession that she chose
that also postpones the moment that she is not pregnant. Fedor is not in lawful
relations, in order not to lose the spirit of romanticism, But the vector of marriage and birth
children of this couple are very strong, especially active and the best period for the birth
children 2-3 years. The wedding is not for them an important factor in
relations, so that they can also “long
around handle.”