The relatives of Vasiliy Stepanov ask for help

Родственники Василия Степанова просят о помощи

Native Russian actor Vasily Stepanov, stars tape “Inhabited island” by Fyodor Bondarchuk, asking for help. We already reported that on New year’s eve actor, whose life has begun to improve, fell on the stairs and suffered a serious back injury. Now he will have to re-learn how to walk, and it is – in the most optimistic scenario. For a long time even the doctors doubted whether Basil to walk again, and now we have optimistic news – Stepanov will be able to get to his feet. However, not once.

Brother of actor Maxim told the press that Basil will rehabilitation, and asked about possible financial assistance.
“We do not understand – how can you fall… But the doctors have already given consolation, brother will walk. But the rehabilitation period will likely be long, three to six months. And of course, we will be grateful for any financial support,” — said Maxim.
On a question of journalists, whether Basil to return to work, Maxim bitterly joked: “Except to play the role of a cripple”. In the near future Stepanov need intensive rehabilitation, then the guy will have to wear a special corset for another two years.