Федор Бондарчук едва расправился с долгами Director and producer spoke about the financial problems. The film “Inhabited island”, which became one of the top grossing films of its time, flew Bondarchuk a lot of money. According to the man, after the premiere of the film adaptation of the Strugatsky brothers it is mired in money matters.

      Федор Бондарчук едва расправился с долгами

      The name Fyodor Bondarchuk associated with big-budget movies. The whole country remembers such paintings of the Director, as “company 9”, “Crew”, “Stalingrad” and “Inhabited island”. In late January, the screens will be released a new tape of a novel – fiction blockbuster “Gravity”, which starred young actors Alexander Petrov and Irina Starshenbaum, and Oleg Menshikov.

      Recently Fedor gave interview in which he openly talked about that to him mean box office. According to the Director and producer, they are of great importance. After a very unsuccessful “Inhabited island”, released in two parts, Bondarchuk mired in debt.

      “I like the producer was not super successful films. Except that the “Crew” broke several large U.S. releases. I really need as my friends and colleagues to Russian movies the viewer. Because to me then it is easier to get in the car. I find it difficult to exit when fail pictures… I just recently got out of a situation with “Inhabited island”. Five years ago, the last debt was canceled, There was great difficulty. And indeed a challenging project. Hell project. 222 Sunny days”, – said the movie star.

      In an interview with the chief editor of the periodical Bondarchuk said that he repay a debt of seven years. According to the man, he overestimated his ability, determined to take part in the work on the tape. However, Fedor is not sorry that he got involved in shooting and producing such a complex film based on the eponymous novel by Strugatsky brothers. In the picture, said Bondarchuk, has its fans, which he cherishes.

      Note that the budget “Inhabited island”, released in two parts, amounted to 36.6 million dollars. Despite the fact that the painting was among the leaders of the rental, the expenses are not paid off. Shooting adaptation of the novel by the Strugatsky brothers proved too expensive. In an interview with reporters, the Director admitted that working on the blockbuster was given to him very hard.

      Speaking about his new film, Bondarchuk notes that it is not only an entertaining genre movie. According to the Director, “Gravity” tells about the same that people see every day in the news. “About the events in Biryulyovo, about the conflict in Kondopoga, about the village of Plekhanovo near Tula, where Gypsies got into a fight with the utilities. You can take, edit a movie from these frames”, – quotes the man Esquire magazine.