The reason is simple: as Elena Zakharova lost weight after giving birth

Причина проста: как Елена Захарова похудела после родов
The actress regained “doberemosya” form.

Elena Zakharova

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Elena Zakharova gave birth to a daughter in December of last year. And today — five months after the baby born she is back in fine form. Though fans of the actress, rejoicing for the happiness of the stars, and since its first publication after the birth not seen any extra pounds, she says that they were.

“I’m still recovering. Sitting on a special diet, because breastfeeding my baby and can’t afford is bad enough, — has told Elena in January. But from the sweet can not refuse, really love it. So eat a lot, hence the extra pounds, not all of notice.”

In February Zakharova has had to withdraw from the decree. She stepped on the stage, where he played the role of 22-year-old girl. While the actress is working, and the baby sits the mother star. “No longer can trust the daughter!” — says Elena.

All free from work and from the mandatory outputs in the “light” Zakharova spends time with her daughter. She doesn’t adhere to proper nutrition, not involved in sports (again, not enough time), but managed in record time to regain “doberemosya” form. This phenomenon is explained very simply.

“I don’t have time to eat. Plus I still feed the baby breast milk, so, apparently, lost. Today, for example, I only had Breakfast, it’s evening here I think, where what to eat because I’m hungry is impossible,” Zakharov admitted in an interview with “Interlocutor”.

Thereby she confirmed the “Foundation of the foundations”, which said Maya Plisetskaya. For those who want to lose weight, the great ballerina gave only one advice: “do Not eat!”